Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Beauty Alert: Semi Permanent Mascara!

I'm not someone who takes semi permanent or permanent procedures lightly, no Botox for me, not even fillers.  I am a scaredy cat and like to think I could grow old gracefully with the assistance of skincare brands on the market.  But what about enhancing?  
Semi Permanent Mascara by Flutter, really appealed to me not only as they are 100% waterproof but it could save me time in the morning and add depth to my long yet fine eye lashes.  Just the thought that I could literally  'wash and go' with one less step from my beauty routine was enough to have me booking in.  I'm certainly not a 'high maintenance' girl but what little I do do takes time and I am looking rather shabby and tired these days.  (Yes, Mum, I will never change!)

My lash treatment began with Kathryn Popplestone, the Flutter founder, removing all traces of make up from around my eyes and lashes.  N.B. Notice extra long lashes I've acquired since using M2 Beaute!

Kathryn, carefully curls lashes for optimum results and I love to create 'wide eyes' from mascara rather than too much thickness.

Lashes with a super curl and ready to primer.

A coat of Flutter Semi Permanent Mascara has been gently combed through the upper lashes.  Absolutely, no pain or discomfort and no hideous chemical odours or stinging!

The lashes are being separated here to make sure they don't cross over or stick together.  The goal is for lift and separation.

And here shows the upper lashes complete....lift, curl and natural definition!
A similar procedure was done to complete the lower lashes with the entire enhancement taking just 45 minutes.

Here is a close up of the complete look.  I could have gone for more but I really wanted to see if they could achieve how I usually where mascara and Flutter did.  My mission when I got home was to make sure not one drop of water touched my lashes, luckily there were no tears before bedtime and this morning my lashes are 100% waterproof!  Semi Permanent Mascara would be ideal for holidays especially beach ones, for avid gym users and swimmers or basically if you'd like to wake up looking half decent and done.
  At only £60 - £80 for the 30 to 45 minute treatment, depending on where you live, it doesn't appear to break the bank.  Flutter girls flit to anywhere in London and home counties in the South East, though soon heading further North.  

Aftercare is always an issue for some but its a necessity, therefore, as long as I avoid oil based make up/ remover and use water based ones instead, my lashes should remain looking this good for 2 to 4 weeks and yes, I can still wear mascara!  Pictured above is Kathryn's suggestion Max Special Mascara.

And I can even keep applying eye liner along upper lashes for added definition with Blink Liner.  Another added bonus worth noting is that M2 Beaute works as an exceptionally good conditioner with the Flutter treatments including Eyelash extensions.  
Finally, Flutter Lash services are performed by highly trained staff who specialise only in lashes in the comfort of your own home,  they could certainly put anyone in a fluster at ease. These girls know their lashes!
For more info go to www.fluttereyes.co.uk or call 01372 386 312


  1. I really love this eye look. I wanted this look all about the eyes so I went with a toned down lippy. I feel I should have used a nude instead of pink. I'm not diggin' the pink paired with the eyes...makeup artist sydney