Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Brush off!

Body Brushing, we've all heard of it and know the benefits of stimulating circulation, toning, eliminating toxins but do any of us actually do it?
I am a fan and last year discovered improvements to the quality of my skin, especially smoothness so I continued to perform this ritual two or three times a week.  Traditionally, dry body brushing has proven to be  most effective, though this just does not appeal and yes, can feel a little harsh even when using oils, therefore, I like to wet the body brush and douse with shower gel.  I am likely to be hosed down by the 'Beauty Brigade' for this but really it is the most invigorating shower to be had and doesn't delete the benefits mentioned above as I still use small strokes upwards, towards the heart. 
I have tried many high street brands to find the sturdiest body brush but it has to be said, Aromatherapy Associates do the best yet, even though the wood discolours somewhat due to using water, the natural cactus sisal bristles retain their stiffness and the wooden handle is firm.
I am continually on the look out for ways to improve circulation, to get my lymph glands working to reduce water retention and this is it, I think!

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