Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Science of Skin.

As you know by now, I am not going to get into the science part of a product not only because you can access that information yourselves but also I'd like to give you my honest perspective on a product or range.  Basically, does it work and does what it says it will do?
Skin Science is a Scandinavian brand I've seen and heard about but had never hit my radar until I was asked to try them recently.   
There are skincare brands that I totally adore and which you can read about on my blog but I don't love every brand I try, though Skin Science is one I am finding I would never want to run out of!
Ok, so I lied, a little bit of science.  Skin Science introduces 'ultra potent antioxidant Spermine' which claims to achieve visible and lasting results plus 'Spermine is proven to be 25 times stronger than Vitamin E'.  I am doubtful of 'anti-ageing' results from any skincare but what I do believe in is healthy skin and I find the Bio Active 24hr Protective Complex Cream SPF 15 assists in this very well.  Whilst wearing this hydrator in the morning after cleansing, I noticed the initial feeling of moisture in my skin lasted all day.  Gold star for this and for the fact it looks suitably radiant on my complexion too.
I occasionally combine the Complex Cream after applying Bio Active Stimulating Serum as an added boost for my dry skin, I love how this feels and most definitely the toning effect after all they say, 'Thanks to its immediate deep penetration it works on all layers of the skin.' 

These Bio Active Instant Replenishment Complex ampoules in addition to the hydrators are incredibly effective when used two or three times a week after cleansing to saturate the skin with the Spermine and work deeply.  I believe about one third of an ampoule is best applied after cleansing at night so that you have optimum chance of replenishment and repair.   These potent pods can also be used after invasive treatment ie. laser or acid peels.
Remarkable skincare in all from Skin Science and one have to spread the word about and make sure I don't run out of.

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