Monday, 26 September 2011

If at first it doesn't work, try, try again and again!

Some months ago, the very kind people at Konjac Sponge Company offered to send me one of their remarkable sponges, which had already proven a hit with many beauty bloggers (just see from their blog page  I wasn't going to say no, so accepted with great expectations.
A few months later, I told them truthfully that I had attempted to use the French Pink Clay sponge, for hypersensitive skin, a few times but found it drying and unremarkable, though in these past few months I had been overloaded with skincare products and some further health issues, therefore my skin was feeling more delicate than usual.  My skin is not in bad 'nick', just the odd blemish but I do suffer from it feeling terribly dry and uncomfortably so due to having Hypothyroidism.  This is a common complaint and so I believed this sponge was not right for me so no hard feelings!
I kept my sponge and would occasionally try it again but I found the same complaint, what was I doing wrong?  Why are so many people loving it?

Ah, well, now I am not one to be negative about products, if it doesn't work for me or in my kit, then I daren't declare it a 'must-not-have' beauty product, as I am not the masses and one negative declaration is unfair.  Last week, I thought my Konjac sponge deserved one more chance seeing as I had given my skin a break from testing skincare delights, had a burst of adequate amounts of Vitamin D and that the weather had changed and had me bustling from air conditioned rooms to central heating to blustery days, this final test should amount to something.

The bad news is, I now have to eat my words, even though I had not been publicly 'slating' Konjac, I did let the lovely Konjac people know that I couldn't blog about it.  The good news is, I have found it remarkable and a reliable cleanser for my sensitive skin.  My pores are looking clearer, which is great news as I do have areas of open pores around my nose and a tendency to blocked pores when spraying hair product in poorly ventilated rooms at work.  I have also found that I was probably not using it confidently enough on my skin, as I was hesitant it might feel harsh and abrasive.  The sponge appears to work well pressed firmly to skin and now I can honestly say this is a huge bonus to my beauty routine.
My lesson has been learnt, somethings do come to those who wait a while and give it another go!

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