Saturday, 17 September 2011

Little nippers!

I'm not known for being a complete nail expert but of course, needs must and most jobs entail some kind of nail work.  

Just like on this Scholl photoshoot.  Toes nails and buffed heels were a must, therefore I used my trusty nail kit of scissors, clippers, nail hoof, cuticle remover etc from my Mister Mascara set, that no longer exists it seems, though these nail tools have lasted well, at least 10 years and only just on their way out.

I recently purchased a few items from a reputable pharmacy, to replace the weathered tools though most definitely felt I might be missing something.  I was!  The Tweezerman Squeeze & Snip Nipper to tame cuticle, rid those hangers on's and with it's own cover. 

And here's a closer look along with the extendable nail file.  More handy tools, that's what I like!

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