Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Science of Organics.

Here's a little bit of background before I tell you about the actual products.  The name is Acquizhen, it is certified organic and sustainable skincare from Germany, which combines 'accurate science with the best of nature', something I find appealing and reassuring when the brand has been developed by Dr. med, Erich Schulte, an advocate of a holistic and traditional approach to skincare.  The term 'organic' gets a mixed reception these days and seems less of a buzzword, either customers declare they 'only ever use organic' due to their choice of lifestyle or perturbed customers grimace saying, 'I've tried so many and nothing works for me'. 
I'm unsure which camp I'm in, I certainly feel that as a Make Up Artist I am quite toxic from high use of beauty products so a little of what nature has to give is a bonus, though I do expect high performance from skin products, organic or not.
I have applied upteen organic products to my skin in the last few years and would admit to about 50% of them achieving some sort of remarkable effect, though all I am asking for most of the time is good hydration and to be truthfully organic.  What I mean by that is, some associations don't expect 100% organic, which is a tall order in any case but if you don't read labels well you might only be applying a product with only one organic ingredient.  Misleading and confusing, huh?

 Now, moving back to Acquizhen, I thought I'd tell you about the 'unsung heroes' and often the most unremarkable items in an organic range, firstly, Gentle Exfoliating Mask.  There are some exfoliators I have used in the past which have tended to be so gentle they make no difference or are too abrasive as they contain 'rustic' grains or seeds of some sort. Acquizhen Gentle Exfoliating Mask has a texture I was familiar with, it actually reminded me of Aapri, which I'd last used in the 80's, the texture was grainy but not harsh, the results were beyond my expectations.  I don't know about you but some 'gentle' exfoliators take a fair bit of elbow grease to clear debris, dead skin and eventually quite a few layers of skin which defeats the object but this products did kindly exfoliate, removing blackheads and blocked pores that riddle my skin from using hair products at work.  I'm impressed with my skins refreshed appearance and texture after use, one hopes this has something to do with Argan Seeds, Papaya and White Tea extracts among others active ingredients.  
I hadn't sampled many organic Night Creams so I was willing to bypass my usual routine for a few weeks and see what effect, if any, Nurturing Night Cream might take. The texture is that of a cream making me a little concerned I might wake up a little puffy as I am used to serums at night, but alas, this weightless cream was comfortable and absorbed well without leaving a saturated surface.  My skin woke up feeling soft and replenished, just as I'd wished and by looking at the list of ingredients I see Hyaluronic Acid, which is proven to be the great hydrator and Blackberry leaf, the unfamiliar extract 'which play a significant role in skin aging', I'll have some of that!
As much as I'm jubilant at discovering this well rounded brand there is one thing that impresses me a great deal and that is the high percentage of natural origin, vegetable ingredient and organic farming.  I am 100% impressed.

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