Friday, 4 November 2011

Because Terre d'Oc is worth it!

Lucky me!  Always in the loop to test out beauty's high performance products including Terre d'Oc.
Terre d'Oc Organic Concealer - Terre d'Oc

Terre d'Oc is an impressive organic brand from France, I say impressive not just because they are Ecocert certified and use Fair Trade ingredients when ever they can, not even because they do not test on animals but because at times organic/mineral make up fails to perform when put up against some leading brands but the concealer, shown above, proves it should be up there with effective and much loved concealers on the market such as Benefit and Bobbi Brown.
I applied this smooth organic Concealer 51 Beige Pur, to a model in her late 50's, half expecting I might have to remove it as I suspected it might sit in the fine lines around her eyes.  As glided this waxy texture on the shadows with a brush I was relieved by the coverage, brightening effect and finish so I almost immediately thought I'm onto a winner here!  Is there only one shade?
No.  There is a warmer version called Concealer 52 Gold Beige suitable for olive to asian skin tones, what a relief!
Terre d'Oc Eye Khol - Terre d'Oc
Next up, these beauties, Eye Kohl available in 6 shades, a product I have missed in my kit for some time and if you've never tried 'real' kohl, this is the closest you'll find on the beauty scene.  Easy to apply for a flick, a fine eye line for definition or a sultry fuller eye line which stays put and smudges well if that's required.  A bit of a no nonsense product, though to avoid cross contamination be conscience of keeping the tip clean with an antibacterial wipe.
Terre d'Oc Organic Mascara - Terre d'Oc

Then, a rare find, a hard working organic Mascara!  I've attempted testing other brands and settled on Lavera mascaras as being the best in the natural/organic bracket but now I might have to eat my words with the discovery of Terre d'Oc, which I found gave an even coating over the lashes in a ever true black and left lashes looking lavish in addition to holding up well after a long day without a smudge in sight.

Terre d'Oc is priced well; Concealer being £12, eye khols only £13.95, mascara at a reasonable £17.95, for good quality make up with a conscience!
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