Friday, 4 November 2011

Argan Oil and the healing process.

I wouldn't usually put up such an unsightly post but I thought it necessary to show you how powerful and effective Argan Oil really is.  I have known about this natural miracle oil for many years and how beneficial Argan Oil is to skin and hair since my travels to Morocco.  I have seen this much like many natural beauty oils like Carrot Coconut and Olive Oil to name a few but many of us might not have experienced seeing vast improvements at first hand with the ever popular Argan Oil.
My partner recently burnt his face with cooking oil which peppered his face in superficial burns.  Initially water was splashed over his face to reduce the uncomfortable burning sensation, then cold green tea to soothe, though an hour or so later I began to apply Melvita Argan Oil directly to his skin without fail, every morning and night.  Some of these pictures are unpleasant but I hope you realise the positive effects and how skin repairs itself with a little help from natures best.

Day One: First application of Melvita Argan Oil.  Skin is sore to touch though no blistering and luckily no brows or lashes were ever burnt.

Day Two: Remarkably reduced redness on the surface and quality of skin is already getting back to normal.

Day Three: Although peppered burns scars have reduced the first blister is appearing around eyes, though quality of skin is improving.

Day Five: Blistering had fully taken shape in Day Four but by the next day showing signs of healing well.  Again the speedy healing process to the rest of the face has taken us by surprise!

Day Six: Finally his complexion is fully restored so much I would say the quality and feel are much improved than before.  Slight scab finally dried out by Day Eight.

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