Thursday, 15 December 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier, the feathery fragrance!

I had the pleasure of being a guest at the instore launch of Jean Paul Gaultier's new fragrance, Kokorico which was wafting in the air all evening.  I adore JPG fragrances as they have depth, many layers and the packaging is always intriguing and tactile.   On entering the soiree, I wondered then why Fragile, one of my all time favourite scents had disappeared from our shelves.  Please bring it back!!

Kokorico is nothing but a musky scent for men that I found so appealing, I already have it listed as a product to purchase for myself (or birthday present, hint, hint).  I love heavy notes so I think a little squirt wouldn't be too offensive or make me smell like a macho lothario (or at least one hopes not).

Ah, the name, well, its cute and if you look carefully at the design you see stylised feathers...the tv campaign gives you more of an idea once you see dancing, drums and a rather attractive model with a feather collared suit. Cocker-doodle-do!  Yep, that's it!
The smooth, almost pebble like bottle takes on a male profile - that sure is one romanesque nose.

And at another angle, the male torso, clever huh!  Very JPG.
So if you are keen to snatch this rich scent it will be launching on the 27th December in Harrods, then nationwide shortly after.

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