Monday, 19 December 2011

Tres bien, Chanel Perfection Lumiere!

Chanel have an outstanding reputation for the quality of their foundations, which I doubt many MUA's would turn their noses up at. I have relished in using Vita Lumiere Aqua for a light, dewy finish for portrait shoots, brides etc. or when someone has requested 'the lightest foundation you have, as I don't like the feel of foundation on my skin'.  This has served me well but not every skin is going to benefit from such 'real' qualities especially when they haven't the most even skin tone.
I too prefer using weightless foundations, however, when coverage is high on my list of priorities when faced with a complexion of blemishes, broken veins, pigmentation marks and sun spots that has to last for several hours, I find I have to tend to those imperfections either before or after with maximum strength concealers.  This is no bother to me but if one needs time on their side Chanel have come up trumps with their new addition, Perfection Lumiere.
Many of you would have read lots of review about this flawless beauty solution, which is remarkably (and most genuinely) the best coverage without the heavy duty could apply this, then run their finger over it and find not even ounce of residue or feeling of anything but skin.  Perfection Lumiere reminds me of Givenchy Mat Mate (which I have sadly just had to bin as they've separated, boo hoo!) another unique and superb foundation from another of my French pals discontinued, never to be seen again which had a matt finish and extreme coverage even when using just a few drops.   So it is lovely to find a very new alternative from Chanel in such an astonishing array of shades, see image above if you don't believe me!
I'm beyond relieved and excited to have such an addition to my kit and in good dark shades too, which is always a moment of awkwardness when recommending shades to each and every individual out there who deserves to be catered for.
The cost is not an issue, I think £36 is worth every pretty penny as such a small amount goes far, plus it builds effortlessly if you do require maximum coverage without the weightiness.
Bravo Chanel and thank you for yet again coming up triumphantly in the world of foundations!!

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