Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Beauty Alert: Dior Skinflash Primer!

This year will be the year of more outstanding, 'I must have it' beauty products, I can feel the beauty editors trembling with anticipation for the next big thing, though let us not forget some of our essentials keep improving with technology, ingredients etc. and this includes a make up bag mummy, the primer.
Primers tend to be unsung heroes in the grand scheme of make-upping, yet at the same time hailed as an essential item by pros - the good and reliable step hence 'mummy', but also classed as unnecessary by some, others will declare Laura Mercier's the best of all but I have a few favourites in my kit, which I choose to use depending on the foundation I have chosen to apply.  These brands range from Sisley, DHC, Illamasqua and Hourglass, all possessing necessary functions to this key step.  I love primers and all is revealed in the name, they prime and prepare skin, some can smooth and fill in pores with silicon ingredients, whilst others add a luminous or even waterproof quality to skin, as well as working hard to adhere to foundation, making for a longer lasting base.
Seeing as I like to mix my kit with budget and premium brands, I would stress that primers are a good investment, much like foundation, therefore a little more money spent on these will go a long way.

Some of us lucky MUA's have been sent a trio of gorgeousness from Dior. I very much doubt any of them stored these beauties away for future use but instead, like me, pretty much couldn't wait to open the outer packaging, remove the soft cushion case to reveal some truly magical products! 
So roll on February so you can purchase Dior's new launches, Rosy Glow Blush, Radiance Booster Pen and SKINFLASH Primer which happens to be my new work kit essential, 'glowful' on pale to mid complexions with brush on applicator  (looks familiar) and I do not recall Dior ever bringing out a Primer, I could be wrong, I am certainly not complaining, this is a welcome addition to my kit and everyone I apply it to is overwhelmed by the appearance of their skin and they adore the light fragrance too!  I cannot stop using this primer on shoots and the next two images show you why.

The gel cream formulation applied to the back of my hand shows off how hydrating and comfortable the Skinflash is.

And when smoothed, adds a sheen and delicate veil.  Yes, I am well aware this might not be the right type of primer for dark skins but I think applying to my skin really displays the texture and quality.  What do you think and which primers do you like?


  1. Hi Nadira its Jenny from Phyto!!! I love reading your reviews... still havent found the perfect primer for myself, the Dior one looks tempting, have you tried the KIKO primer??? Have been told to give it a shot, but not sure...

  2. Hi Jenny, Lovely to hear from you and thanks.
    As I mentioned I have many that I use with various foundations and currently find the Dior on beautiful, especially for winter skin. I haven't tried the KIKO one but no doubt that is also good, nice brand.
    Which foundation are you currently using?
    If budget is an issue, Dior can be purchased at Boots, so think of the Boots points too! x