Friday, 20 January 2012

Lines, wrinkles and creases!

There isn't a day that goes by without someone stating 'they are beyond repair' or 'in desperate need of cosmetic surgery'.  We all have moments of insecurity, some more than others, though the majority of women I come across put themselves and their looks down along with declaring themselves old and adamant they want to turn the clock back as fast as they can by any means.
Well, hold on a minute!  I've been thinking quite hard about my process of ageing and yes, I believe I have aged somewhat, more so in the past two years but as I take a closer look and study my eyes, the new creases and open pores, I have no feelings of dismay, not one. Why?
It's the process taking place and I really cannot do an awful lot about it without surgery, plus I feel quite proud of getting older and certainly prouder of getting a little wiser.  Yes, I admit, I could recommend myself a stockpile of award winning anti-ageing beauty creams, serums and potions as I do others, after all  they are not a complete waste of time and money, 'every little helps' as they say and a product that blurs, smooths and fills in is welcome in my beauty bag but I don't think lines, wrinkles and creases are to blame for appearing older nescessarily.
What am I banging on about?
When I accessed my ageing process, especially after my recent holiday, it boiled down to one factor, sleep!
I slept for 9 hours every night whilst I was away, undisturbed, unbroken sleep, pure and utter bliss and a darn shock to me after being an insomniac since my teens and serial bad light sleeper.  After 2 weeks of 9 hours sleep my eyes refocused to appearing brighter with less fluid retained under my eyes whilst the new and even newer creases seemed less noticeable as I looked fresher...younger even!
I know some of you may be reading this thinking, 'yeah, yeah, whatever', 'where's the product mention and has she lost her marbles?'
Quite simply, we all pat ourselves on the back at times for achieving a great deal in a short amount of time, for working till late, having no time to wind down and then moan about what little sleep we've had.  Of course, I am one of those types too and yes, it can't always be avoided but seriously, as well as that very boring beauty tip of drinking 1.5 litres of water a day (which works), allow yourself a good nights sleep, it will do you the world of good in terms of concentration, energy and your ageing process, plus this is the crucial time for skin to repair and replenish itself.
For those women with deep enough wrinkles to bury hidden treasure in, sometimes life is cruel but we can be pretty cruel to ourselves too and maybe genes haven't been so gracious to you but I am sticking to this, sleep has the X factor and I shall remain optimistic that I shall never endure another 20 years + of insomnia again.

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