Thursday, 5 April 2012

5 Make Up and Hair Looks: Fashion Press Event!

Its not often I can show you my work live but on April 4th, I tweeted my work as it happened for a sumptuous Fashion Press Event at Quo Vadis for designers Suzannah, Rebecca Street and Edwina Ibbotson to name a few!

The Salon model was Rebecca Pearson from First Model Management, very beautiful and great fun to work with.

My make up kit is vast but I literally kept it to a minimum with a few staples from myface cosmetics, mainly mymix foundation, mycover concealer, Blingtones, R&B Blush and Lip Pop all kindly supplied that very afternoon and they didn't let me down.

My hair kit is stacking up with some fantastic products and appliances, namely Enrapture Extremity Heated Hair Rollers and...

...Operation Glam and Lee Stafford.  These are the only two hair products I used, yep, I told you I was going minimal!

Hair was setting nicely with the Enrapture rollers, which has to be said are so quick to heat, easy to roll into hair sections and so secure with firm grips.  After applying the base (mymix, Fair 01 and 03) and concealing lightly (mycover, Fair 111) around Rebecca's eyes I started applying the wet look Blingtones to the eye lids and into sockets as well as along the lower lash line. 

Hair beautifully curled in no time!

Hair brushed through to create a bouncy wave and gently sprayed with Lee Stafford Hair Spray to finish.

Finishing touches to eye brows, Rebecca is looking gorgeous even in her boyfriends jumper but now the finished look...

Sultry and seductive waves with hot cheeks with Paradiso Pink and a reddy pink Lip Pop gloss to add colour and stand up against the stunning Absinthe dress by Suzannah.

Seeing as I was challenging myself with many looks I decided small tweaks to hair and make up here and there would work with all the dresses to be worn by Rebecca.  The second look had intensified sockets with myface Blingtone Bellbotton Blues and cooler lips and here is the end result...

Just a hint of drama!

Later I began the third look with more intensity of the Blingtone blue shadow adding depth to the sockets and around the eyes, then softened slightly by blending with the brown Blingtone.  My lovely assistant finished off with a pale Lip Pop while I hastily created a new hair style to flatter the next dress.

As well as this alteration to eyes, I backcombed the ends of the hair then secured into the nape with grips to create a shortened, fuller version to achieve volume then a touch of hair spray to retain the shape.

Look number four went back to a fresher style.  I applied a thick eyeline of the silver Blingtone to brighten eyes, then another pop of luscious Lip Pop with Bleeding Love Lip Stick.  Hair back to something smooth and sophisticated.

And finally another elegant look with hair speedily waved with Enrapture Jumbo Waver then pinned up to one side to show off Suzannah's showstopping dress.  A hint of definition in the sockets using a charcoal eye liner pencil (a quick tweak) and to finish a cool pale lilac Lip Pop was added on top of the previous red lips.
And there you have it, 5 looks designed and applied with a few essentials and a really enjoyable fashionable evening!

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 Lee Stafford products at Lulu's Operation Glam products at and Enrapture Hair Appliances at  and Suzannah

NB: Images are a mixture of my own and supreme snapper, Antonio Salgado.

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