Saturday, 16 June 2012

Eclat Matissime Foundation.

I know, I mention Givenchy a lot, I hail it as one of my favourite brands so please bear with me when I must mention their latest foundation, Eclat Matissime, a matt base with a hint of radiance.  
Givenchy continue to get texture and finish right with the help of Nicolas Degennes, Artistic Director who has an eye and intuition for colour and mood which is simply very French and blinking gorgeous.
Most leading brands do not release all foundation shades in one country, this seems a bit unfair and a bit of a waste but at least Givenchy have launched some of their richer shades in this range.  For some reason I forgot to swatch 6 Mat Gold but I think you will get the gist!

The shades from (bottom to top) 3 Mat Sand, 4 Mat Beige, 5 Mat Honey, 
7 Mat Ginger and 8 Mat Amber

And blended! 

Note how effective the coverage is with a light, airy texture and matt-ish finish.
I have mentioned another recent love Chanel Perfection Lumiere on my blog and as much as both are light weight and of a matt nature, they are different!
  Chanel contains more alcohol so appears extremely matt which I like to use on combination skin, Givenchy's has matt, oil free undertones with a veil of luminosity; very intelligent and almost sculpting.
Have you tried any of the new wave of foundations?

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