Thursday, 14 June 2012

A taste of things to come from Lily Lolo.

I tweet and update my FB page a plenty, so if you haven't read about my prep for a mineral make up campaign, where were you?
I haven't much to show you at this stage but I hope to be immensely proud when I do as I worked very hard to represent the kindness and approachable nature of Lily Lolo make up.  Above is a sneaky peek at my designs and product selections for eyes and cheeks for the photo shoot campaign and video tutorials being released in the very near future with some long awaited launches too (I can't say any more than that!)  
I have been a fan of the brand for about 6 years and although my kit changes for each job depending on the brief, type of job, weather conditions or season, I do go back to Lily Lolo's Award Winning Mineral Foundation for lasting speed with an airbrushed look and I will always express my admiration for their excellent shade selection; 18 comprehensive shades no less from the palest of pale skins there's Porcelain to the darkest shades with warm and yellow tones, Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon.
Enough from me, why not take a look yourselves and tell me what you use or would like to try?

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