Sunday, 1 July 2012

Corail In Love.

It's Summer (believe it or not) and we tend to wear a little colour on our toe nails, get the open toe shoes and sandals out to show off our recent pedicures with something bright.  I tend to opt for coral's, enough of a bright but neither outlandish to go with my Summer wardrobe, so I was in hysteria when my eye caught Corail In Love 105M by Lancome this week, I instantly thought I must try it!

It looks quite pink here but has a peach tone, I promise.
I applied Ritual Nail Whitener first as a base coat; this I love as it keeps nail plates stain-free especially for red nail colours. I must admit I applied about 4 coats of the Vernis In Love as its quite thin, though I do admit layering it on whilst watching the tennis I lost count though knew I wanted to achieve a solid colour.  

Ta dah! I love the shade, not too bright or garish.  I added Rituals Top Coat, another favourite of mine.

I do love coral shades against my skin, certainly peps up my feet and even if the weather doesn't quite understand it is Summer as yet, I can at least feel I am trying a summery vibe.

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