Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tints of Nature made nice and easy!

Are you impressed by the new fangled home colour kits?
I am and I'm not.  I recently did an all over hair colour on my friend, Henrietta, with a new foam colour system, which absolutely made it less messy in terms of application; no splattering of colour up the walls or peppered stains on clothes for instance.  But and its a BIG 'but', it failed to control colour application around the hair line. As I dabbed the colour, I found it hard to gauge whether I'd covered the grey, outgrown roots or whether I was colouring her scalp.
I suggested that one day she tried an 'old style' version like Tints of Nature in Natural Medium Brown, a rich chocolate shade, where the solutions are mixed into a squeezy bottle, squeezed  along the roots then either rubbed or combed through hair and if more of a pro, mixed into a colouring bowl and brushed onto the roots and rest of the hair.  Hen agreed to this and decided to rub in solution whilst I combed the roots, hoping for the best results!
I totally forgot to take a before picture, I know, sort of defeats the object but I am sure when you see the outcome you will be impressed by the shine from the natural proteins and multi-tonal quality from this paraben, ammonia and resorcinol free Permanent Colour.

Here is the kit, very basic and unusually they recommend you wash the hair fully beforehand with their 'pre hair wash' to remove any residue and to increase longevity of colour to grey hair.

All washed an ready for the colour application.

Colour on by rubbing in and combing around hairline to ensure the most vulnerable roots get  covered and left on for 30-40 minutes with the attractive cap to allow the reaction to take place without making a mess.  Before you see the outcome, I have to stress that I pretty much raved about Tints of Nature to Hen as my favourite home colour system yet, as I had recently experimented with their Highlighting kit, of which I was truly impressed as my hair remained soft and hydrated, (never dry) with constant high shine and naturally too.

I haven't a picture to compare but Henrietta's hair remains as shiny as the day she coloured it, with unbeatable even coverage especially at the roots.  As much as home colour systems have moved on and are getting cheaper and easier to apply, the Tints of Nature one gets the lasting results I've not seen before.
Have you tried Tints of Nature colour kits?

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