Thursday, 9 August 2012

Seche Silk Vitamin Enriched Lotion

I love the idea of hand creams, after all I paying them a lot of attention these days but sometimes I avoid them and continue to suffer with dry cuticles because hand creams, oils, balms can feel slippery and uncomfortable.  I was pleased to discover award-winning Seche Silk, the celebrated natural nail care range, known for its No.1 Top Coat, recently launched an oil-rich yet non-oil slick Vitamin Enriched Lotion for hands.  The delicate scent is a bonus too, not over powering and the non-greasy formula clings to skin to fully nourish with only a 5 pence sized amount.  Very cost effective at only £4.95 for this 30ml bottle and a generous £14.95 for 240ml.

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