Sunday, 5 August 2012

The home nail kit of all home nail kits!

I've become almost obsessive about my nails, well why not?  It makes me feel a little more pretty, presentable and seeing as Summer has finally arrived I'm slipping into something more colourful and allowing my feet do the talking (and walking).  I don't know about you but I'm always in shock when I see rather grimey toe nails in a lovely pair of sandals; I think 'What the?' 'Why would you?' and 'No time for a pedicure?'
No excuses ladies, Red Carpet Manicure have created the ultimate in the home beauty kit, Gel Polish Pro Kit, yes, you heard me, this US made salon system in the comfort of your own home for pro-like Manicures and Pedicures using the RCM Professional 3 Watt LED Light.
Pro nails within an hour with a completely dry end result, so no drying time nor fear of smudging, chipping, peeling, just straight into open toes heels, costing only £89.95.  If you're doubting me then let's work it out; Manicures last 2-3 weeks, Pedicures 3-4 weeks, prices start at approx £37 for Gel manicures every 2-3 weeks plus a Gel Pedicure would cost an extra £50, which is the total cost of the RCM Gel Polish Pro Kit!
I attempted my pedicure whilst cooking, (I am a born multi-tasker) which I've limited patience for as I like my meal to be ready within an hour from start to finish; the same goes for my home pedicures as I often get bored of all the prep (though necessary, I know) I occasionally leave the colour application to the next day.  So hear me now, I was thrilled that this Gel Polish pedicure took 50 minutes, though I was aware Manicures might take about 10 minutes longer as thumbs would be cured separately to fingers!  Yes, I know what I'm doing as nails are part of my job but this is Pro nails remember and I performing such lasting nail colour seemed like it might become a bit of a faff.
The downsides: For someone who is not adept with nail colour application or god forbid, a complete nail virgin there was a lack of images to show each step in the instruction booklet, with an additional  disappointment of the nail colour chart being 'off colour'.
On the upside, well, see for yourself...

RCM Gel Polish Pro Kit Box (half the size of a shoe box)
L to R: Prep-Max Adhesion Sanitzer, Structure-Base Coat Gel, Brilliance- Seal & Shine Top Coat Gel , Revitalize- Nourishing Cuticle Oil
Erase- Gel Nail Polish Remover, Purify- Pre & Post Application Cleanser
Accessories Kit (sold separately) containing 1 Cuticle & Pro Buffing Stick, 2 Strips of Adhesive Buffing Tabs (10 per strip), 1 Emery Board, 10 Orangewood Sticks.  Removal Kit containing 20 Foil Sheets
LED Gel Polishes L to R: Red Carpet Reddy (sold with the Pro Kit), Nervous With Anticipation,  Lighter Shade of Gray (these two are new colours sold separately)
RCM Professional Light with 3 Watt LED Light
Using Orangewood stick to push cuticles back using the flat end

Toenails shaped with Emery Board

Using Cuticle Pusher & Buffer Tabs (stuck onto flat ends) to  remove  derbris cuticles and remove shine from nails

Wiped nails with Purify Pre & Post Application Cleanser

Lightly brushed Prep - Max Adhesion Sanitizer for moisture-free nails

Preparation complete, a thin layer of Structure Base Coat Gel was applied

Foot placed under LED Light for 30 seconds (NB. LED Light  stays on for 45 seconds, then turns itself off)

The 1st coat of LED Gel Polish in Red Carpet Reddy was easily applied and used orangewood stick to clean off any  mistakes, then placed under the LED Light for 45 seconds

2nd coat applied then placed under LED Light for 45 seconds

Brilliance Top Coat Gel was thinly applied to nails then placed under LED for 45 seconds, afterwards a final cleanse using Purify Pre & Post Application Cleanser was wiped over nails to keep their high shine
And the finished well within an hour!


Would you like to try Red Carpet Manicures/Pedicures?

Look out for an update post coming in 4 weeks showing how to soak off!

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