Friday, 7 September 2012

Beauty Alert: BeautyMART is here!

I'm feeling slightly 'blogged' out at the moment as I'm sharing at least two posts a week, which I know doesn't sound a lot, I do enjoy it but I fret a little about the time consuming nature of it, after all, I am a busy woman!  Yes, I know you are too and its not always easy to pin down, slap on and prime oneself when life is flying by at such a fast rate my head thinks its SS 13 already!!!
Well, let's stop and think a minute, how would it feel to have a beauty one-stop shop with only the most brilliant and the best top beauty picks selected by Anna-Marie Solowij, Beauty Journalist and super beauty supremo, Millie Kendall personally?
I say 'I would!'
And it has happened this week after 3 (painstaking) years, these two full-time working women have scoured, sourced, selected thousands of products with excellence, in industry terms the 'Heroes' and called it BeautyMART.
I almost steamrollered the 3rd floor of Harvey Nichols to discover it was located at the far side. Please don't ask me which concessions it was next to, I couldn't tell you as my beacon was for BeautyMART only.
I was delighted to meet Anna-Marie and Millie, preening their shelves, flicking through their interactive testing stations, sharing their genuine adoration of their 'hand-picked' brands and not one complete range in sight. This is the ticket, this is why its so unique, when I say only the best, I don't mean an entire range from Bourjois, Une, Models Own, myface, FACE or Daniel Sandler and Japonesque, I mean only the BEST from that range all shelved in categories Nails, Body, Hair, Skin etc with the added bonus of an area of only Anna & Millie's picks which will change and progress seasonally.

I can't write any more, not because I've lost my train of thought but because I'd rather show you now what I saw.

Nails, in all there glory, the best of the best, Andrea Fulerton, Barry M, Models Own to name but a few!

Only for the over 30's, this is a blast from the past and doesn't have that talc-y smell as I'd remembered it. A true Revlon Classic.

Anna and Millie Love.  They know a thing or two about beauty they do.

Lip and Nail Testing station which all have iPads for you read up about more on their blog or to source other products and compare if you wish.

Millie herself exclaimed her love for this Sterimar Nasal Spray herself and which I think is a must-have for hayfever sufferers.  Now kicking myself for not buying one then and there.

And my beloved skincare, a rich mix of pickings from Alpha-H, Jurlique, Melvita and BioEffect.

 I saw most of the contents of my make up kit and bathroom shelf in their sleek, unfussy shop floor with pride and the bonus was there is no brand snob factor.  All price points shelved together; you will find DHC next to Astalift and Bio Effect as much as you will see Kent brushes and Batiste along side Davines.
E-Commerce I hear you cry?
This will come later says Millie, for very simple reasons too, they have so much to do at the further launches at Harvey Nichols and need to watch and learn though the vending machine concept will be upon us sooner!
This concept fits in with how I believe beauty should be delivered, purely on merit!