Monday, 29 October 2012

Keeping it clean!

You wouldn't consider licking a plate of food, then popping it back in the cupboard, would you?
Good, I should hope not!  So why leave your make up littered with bacteria and grime!
Here is the solution, The Pro Make Up Shop, Make Up Antibacterial Spray a product you can spray onto your make up to lower the risk of contamination.  Some might say this is only relevant to us Pro's but just think about how often you delve into your make up bag to allow a friend to try your lipstick or when you quickly use an applicator or sponge to do a touch up....that is a lot of times, trust me, especially if you've never contemplated cleaning your applicators or brushes ever!
Save yourself the risk of eye infections or nasty skin conditions and make the effort to clean up with just a quick spray or a wipe.

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