Friday, 19 October 2012

Bringing that Glo Back!

The beauty industry harps on about glow, radiance, blurring fine lines, protection and the big AA, Anti-Ageing, yes, I do too, it's what women want and its what Lulu has brought to you in a tube to apply over make up!   Miracle Glo is about multi-dimensional, multi-faceted glow and is what they call 'apres make up', a formula to buff on after your make up has been applied or as Make Up Artist, Gemma Smith-Edhouse suggests using it as you would a primer so that the glow peeps through foundation.  As a rule of thumb we don't apply cream or liquid over powder but guess what?  You can with this silicone-free solution.
The premise is that we all love how our skin appears after moisturiser, then when we've applied foundation we lose that 'pick me up' radiance that appears youthful as it accents our features with a dewy finish and with Miracle Glo applied over the top of our make up,we regain the glow.  I'd like to think its when our inner glow shines on the outside!
Used sparingly this will last some months, more importantly the winter months and at only £33 for a 60ml tube or £40 with the flat buffing brush you can get your glow on at a reasonable price!

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