Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sephora, Beijing, China

Sorry for the absence of by now you know I dabble in beauty and on a recent trip to Beijing I was lucky enough to visit quite a few Sephora stores to make the odd purchase too!
As you can see above I honed in on items I needed for my kit such as the flat liner brush, mineral buffing brush, lip gloss palettes x 3, 4 step buffer (so handy) and my first scoop, the lash comb, which is curved so easy to use, something I've been on the look out for that for years.   I also bought the pretty nail stickers which are becoming a huge hit in the UK and emerging to the Chinese market.

One day they were there the next gone!  Due to the Japan vs China political situation I couldn't get my hands on the Lunasol Eye brow Mascara in two shades, trust me I tried and all Sephora's had pulled anything remotely Japanese!!  As luck would have it, RMK actually stock 5 shades, yes, 5 so I shall be grabbing those instead (in the UK).

Here are a few other brands that took my interest..

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