Wednesday, 26 September 2012

CK One is back, back, back!

Some of you may not have realised there was ever a brand called CK One back in the 90's: us MUA's swooned over the unique formulas and textures.  I recall my creamy, smooth bronzer packaged in a clear and silver square case lasting me well including my other additions, often a talking point whilst working.
Well, they disappeared from our shelves after just a short shelf life but now it's back, completely reformulated, re-packaged, you name it, it's had an overhaul.
Here's one of my favs, Brow + Gel Duo 200 Foxy Redhead, not only for redheads but for those with reddy rich tones too.  The double ended nature makes me grin, I love dual performance products!!

Where do you buy CK One?

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