Monday, 26 November 2012

Pro essentials: La Vaque Cufflette.

I have an eye for accessories, usually in the form of jewellery though I am super excited with this Pro palette in the form of a cuff.  It's not a sci-fi communicator, it does not 'beam me up' though La Vaque Professional Cufflette Palette shiny surface does allow for mixing hues to perfection and more importantly a good way to reduce cross contamination plus preventing my constant bugbear of smears on the back of my hand and clothes at the end of the day!

I haven't been wearing the cufflette but I tend to hold it as one would an artists' palette.

A decent size for mixing lip colours, foundations, concealers etc about the size of two credit cards.  

And it's not only a new addition to my kit but one of the many new products from my make up chums at 

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