Saturday, 1 December 2012

Blush it on!

Pro or not, you will love this Neve Blushissimmi palette from Cocktail Cosmetics of 10 wearable shades to either create a pop of colour to cheeks via the top row or to contour and highlight with the lower pans.
Neve have taken it a step further as they can be applied wet or dry depending on the intensity you want to achieve.   Whether you are a Make Up Artist or Beauty Junkie you will get full use of this and its only £21.95, the price of a top brand lippie. I know, that's cheeky!


  1. Oooh that looks so pretty!

  2. hii:), you writted in your blog, you used m2 beauty for eyelashes, and your eyelashes soo long in that photo:)

    I wonder, when you stop using it, did your eyelashes fall out?did the longness temporary?

    plz answer:)

    1. Hi Selma, my lashes haven't fallen out from not using it, no. Stress etc has made my lashes fall out. Regular use of the lash serum will keep them fuller and longer, occasional use (which is what I do) keeps them looking healthy.