Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Fragrance Alert: It's Exotic!

I don't often tell you what I want to purchase for myself in terms of beauty, especially not fragrance-wise though I must admit I'm a bit of a fragrance freak!   Yes, I am that person who has a scent for Summer, Winter, for day and evening to capture my mood and why not?
Its fun and gives me a touch of that 'joie de vivre' and often something to talk about.
I discovered Jimmy Choo Exotic at a recent European A/W Press Day when I was milling around waiting for the next batch of journalists to arrive, so I didn't expect to be intoxicated by this scent as I was merely filling in the time.  The aroma waved over me immediately; I had to guess what that tropical note was that made me giddy and want to swipe the colourful bottle from under the nose the spokesperson.  I was on the button when I said passionfruit, oh joy, I love passionfruit in perfume.  I hunted down Lancome's Limited Edition scent, Tropique for many months some years ago (probably over 10, eek) with success as I still have it and wear it.
Exotic will be my next purchase on myself, which fragrance will you be buying next? 

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