Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Probably the Best Deep Muscle Massage in London!

Almost 20 years as a Make Up Artist comes with a palette-full of downsides. I know, sorry to burst the 'most enviable job' bubble but when you stand for long periods of time (sometimes up to 12 hours and then some), carry heavy bags and cases full to the brim of tools, products and suchlike from job to job it puts an almighty strain on your body; mainly back, neck and shoulders.  I know us Make Up Artists' are not the only profession trying to avoid the use of support tights but how else do we ease the aching legs, numb crushing toes and lop-sided shoulders (yes, it happens!)

Lucky ole me, I was introduced to the Nail, Beauty, Massage destination that is Boutique Spa in West London and booked in for their one and a half hour Deep Muscle Massage using leading British Spa brand, ESPA , which hand on heart, is probably the best massage I've ever had!  An over zealous declaration you might think, however, how can I be so wrong after spending many years pouring into various treatment rooms across London, pointing out an endless list of aches, pains and stubborn knots to 'the experts', who have tended to pound at my weak muscles with pressue and vigour, leaving me wondering if more pain is really a good thing or should I be concerned.  I left Boutique Spa invigorated after 90 minutes with therapist Anna, who expertly massaged away my knots carefully without causing me more soreness or strain; it merely made me doze off due to her methodical massage technique using ESPA Fitness Bath and Body Oil, which she allowed me to choose according to it's qualities and scent.  The aroma was subtly soothing with a warm bite of Indian Bay and Clove Bud which washed over me as the perfect oil to ease my tension then drift into a Lavender haze.  In all, the experience made me want to go back for another Deep Muscle Massage on a regular basis and have more of the treatments on offer!

The environment is that of sheer elegance and calm, which when you think about it should be the ambience for beauty and pampering.  I was impressed by the wall of nail varnishes by OPI, Essie and Morgan Taylor displayed along one side surrounded by the Mani and Pedi stations and towards the treatment rooms where the waxing, facials and massage take place.
The other wall was an array of ESPA products ready to purchase and if you haven't tried this brand before, you must, it's nothing but pure luxury!

If ever there was a place best described as 'The Best Top-to-Toe Beauty Spot in London', then this is it!

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