Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Superfood On The Go!

Picture of Chocolate Green SuperFood  30 Servings (240g)  

I'm not a fan of quick fixes, especially when it comes to health. You just have to make some sacrifices!   For instance, I know I am allergic to wheat, certain other grains and gluten, so do I chomp on a basket of bread during a lunch meeting, even though I know the suffering I will endure after?
Its not worth the discomfort for over 24 hours, therefore it has been a case of trial and error with occasional energy boosting snacks as I can't opt for a sandwich, sausage roll or any choice of chocolate bar out and about, I couldn't even pick up a Pret soup without double checking the ingredients first; its just not worth the aggravation to my gut which is why I've been hotfooting it around supermarkets, cafes, deli bars and foodie havens for a number of years to find sufficient 'on the go' boosters and at last I discovered Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood which tends to my 5 a day needs, boosts my immune system and it's Gluten Free.
How do I take this Drink Powder on the move?!  I hear you ask, Amazing Grass have handy sachets, job done!!

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