Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream

There are oils, creams and potions a plenty on the market claiming to banish stretch marks and alike and I will keep trying them from time to time as I am open to treating my 30 something year old markings that appeared on my hips, thighs and shoulders at puberty.  I used to berate myself for them, detest how they looked and yes, totally lost self esteem over them, however, at the ripe-ish age of 40, I wear a 'who cares' attitude plus a wee sigh of relief that I listened to my mothers constant chanting, "Moisturise your skin!"  
The silvery slithery lines of my stretch marks aren't as bad as they once appeared since daily moisturising which tend not to be raised markings these days, therefore, keeping my skin well hydrated is a must so my skin felt blessed when I was handed Apothederm with Smart Peptides (Heptapeptide-7), a white non sticky cream which I have been applying day and evening, after showering that is made up of seed and fruit oils, shea butter and Heptapeptide-7, the 'smart one' that actively conditions skin.  For me there is no particular scent, which is good as this can make or break it for me, just a formula that absorbs thoroughly;  which they say reduces the appearance of stretch marks, improves discolouration, evens skin tone and texture, helps to protect the skin and prevent future stretch marks (the latter I am most keen on). 
I have been using Apothederm for 4 weeks now, so see the results for yourself, I'm totally happy with the tone and texture!

Before using Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream

After 4 Weeks use, notable difference!

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