Sunday, 5 January 2014

The biggest year of a little less!

If you're not catching my drift from the title then let me explain further.  This year I am re-evaluating me, work, home, yes, my multi-facted self and what better way to do that than by stepping back (no, not back in time, the opposite) to be present and look at the bigger picture then take my own time to discover what's working for me - or not, then make sensible changes.
Unfortunately, this may mean less blogging  but I'd like to reassure you I'm never too far away...often on  Twitter, my Facebook fan page, guest blogging and writing or presenting for blogs and brands. See what I mean?
We are becoming so afraid of getting bored or underachieving that we fill our lives to capacity then wonder how we got there and miss the old days of having time to meet friends for coffee and a catch up.  Instead of complaining I'm going to make a start and I hope you give yourselves a little time out too...but keep eyes peeled for some beauty greats here and throughout the net!!

Thank you for reading.
Nadira x

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