Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Beauty Alert: Melvita Plumping Radiance Duo.

The idea of a bi-phase product excites me, I champion them in skincare, mainly eye make up removers, after all they lift off the toughest make up.  Now imagine my delight when I walked into the Melvita Press Day about a month ago and clapped eyes on this, Plumping Radiance Duo.  It is true beauty, beauty dew and beauty nectar, right there!
This floral water and oil combo means softening and glow from the Damask Rose Oil, whilst the Damask Rose Floral Water hyrdates and soothes it continues to keep skin plump as the oil locks it in.  Et voila! Healthy, plump skin!
Its available to purchase as of this month and tis ideal for travel to far flung places in transit and as an After-Sun, it will lock in moisture intensely, something you will want if you are trying to keep your tan.
To use I would suggest a few pumps into the palms of your hand then press onto skin, however if you like a good 'after-sun spritz' you could spray generously over the face, shoulders and hair, at arms length, for a healthy sheen (and pretty envious one I should imagine!)

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