Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Nostalgic Beauty!

I have fond memories of clambering up my mothers dressing table stool to get a glimpse of the glistening glass and curious designs of her perfume bottles; usually YSL Opium and a selection of Chanel classics.  My eye would then catch the glimmering golds and silvers from her array of cosmetics lined alongside the fragrances.  There was much intrigue and immense eagerness to be able to wear it all at once, play and just be a grown up! Well, now I am and I feel like I've gone back in time as Joan Collins Timeless Beauty hit my radar recently.
Timeless, I'm not sure but nostalgic yes!
There is nothing screaming uber-clever technology or super duper formulas, however, its good to see a make up brand that is as 'good-looking' as the lady herself.  She does wear a full face of make up, not my favourite look, but I've always admired Ms Collins for her effortless beauty and incredible dedication to looking good and dressing well.  Nevertheless, the Divine Lips lipstick in Melanie that I'm wearing above, glides on and is sensationally creamy which manages to stay in place, much-like the Nail Lacquer.  

Nail Lacquer in Lady Joan
Divine Lips in Lady Joan
The best part of Joan's Timeless Beauty collection is that you can display these cosmetics; they are all about luxury and for me a wonderful reminder of how I began my love of beauty, asthetics and cosmetics.

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