Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mavala Double Lash.

At long last I can recommend an affordable lash conditioning product that doubles the fullness and length of your lashes without straining your bank balance!  Mavala Double Lash is well and truly on my BEAUTY RADAR!!!
I'm fund focused because, in comparison, some brands that I have used and recommended haven't been within everyone's budgets, therefore, I am overjoyed to see a lash formula which adds 'oomph' to your flutter at just £13, a staggering good price, that can be tracked down at John Lewis department stores or such like in their Beauty Accessories section.
The instructions are quite simply to apply root to tip each night to clean lashes and eyebrows, they see the results within a few weeks. I'd highly recommend this as a conditioning product for those of you who wear lash extensions, as we all know your lashes weaken in time with all the chemicals and fiddling about with such a sensitive part of the body.
Some of you might be familiar with Mavala for Nail colour and care though they are also very much a make up brand in their native Switzerland and have Care Solutions which includes the brow and lash products.  

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