Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Beauty Alert: Timebomb keeps ticking!

That timebomb keeps ticking and we can't stop ageing completely but we can slow it down!
Timebomb line has developed into destination 'healthy, hydrated skin' with her new Complexion Cocktails bottled up skin tonics of boosting ingredients to suit your needs; from fatigued to stressed skins to parched there is an enriching toner for all, of which can be pressed onto a clean face with hands or applied with a cotton pad morning and night.
For tired, dull complexions select the cocktail with Vitamin B12 which will eventually reveal radiance, thank you Hyaluronic Acid and over time refine skins quality.  The shot of Chlorophyll, a nutrient found in algae and green foods, helps to rebalance stressed-out skin, ideal for those with combination skins.  The third cocktail shot of H2Omega is a favourite of mine as it smells delicious and good enough to eat as its blended with coconut and chia oil; all the moisturizing qualities you need for dry, dehydrated complexions.
I know for a fact these are selling out in Selfridges so be hasty and with Christmas around the corner, no doubt these make beauty-full gifts!

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