Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Beauty Alert: Yes to it all!

Since the Summer, I've been using some Yes to products, after a long break of literally no use on myself or my kit, though they recently popped back into my life randomly and I realised then how much I had missed it!  You cannot beat the smell of Yes to Cucumber, its cool, fresh and its a scent that works for me when it comes to skincare and now too is Grapefruit!  It has never been my favourite fruit of choice but for face and body care, oh yeah!!!
And of course, Carrots for nourishing hydration is a 'no-brainer'.
Now that Autumn is here, think beyond your 5 a day and look ahead at the awful weather we are likely to suffer soon, up to 6 months of it and prepare oneself, ones skin and say Yes to this feast which has been foraged for all skin types from head to toe.

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