Thursday, 26 March 2015

Beauty Alert: SPRING forward with 8 Hours sleep!

This Sunday we lose out on 1 hour of sleep!!!

I hear you moan and groan, though in my quest to find products that assist my tired skin back to appearing healthy with the bonus of being treated to 8 hours of good sleep (but really hanging onto short, deep naps), I have yet another Erborian discovery, from the brand I'd recommend everyone keep a close eye on, after all they are an ever evolving innovators in the beauty market and with a staggering 50 new products in their sights and in time Erborian will cater to all your needs soon from head to toe!
I digress, I'd like to reveal Erborian Sleeping BB Mask my night aid for well rested skin; its a night time mask which achieves the 'Baby Skin' skin we all crave - refined, replenished and repaired.  Apply a thin layer before bed and say nighty night to dull skin!

Discover Erborian Sleeping BB Mask at SPACE NK and more products in SELFRIDGES

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