Thursday, 12 March 2015

Mother knows best about beauty!

My mother, a complete beauty expert in her own right, turns to me the other day asking if I know of a 'foundation that's not like the texture of a foundation but can even out skin without looking heavy or matte. ‎Nothing masking but that will make my skin look fresh, less tired and not sit in my pores. I don't want it to feel like I've got anything on...'

I've probably heard this a trillion times and often  faced with a client who is unrealistic about requesting a quick fix, who instead really needs more coverage and a skincare overhaul and injection of beauty-sense. But this was my mum, someone who taught me about routine and maintenance for my skin.
My mind mulled over a few products such as BB creams, which I hastily dismissed as 'too make-uppy' for my mum. Plus any sign of 'colour' and she'd ‎give me that look that only mum's do!

Some weeks ago I attended the launch of Erborian, to the UK, an event I could not and would not miss.  Although very under the weather I would have camped outside the venue in order to make it‎.  Why?
I'd come across the hybrid formulations and intriguing technology on a work trip to China a few years ago‎ whilst researching for another brand in Sephora.  Erborian literally excited me on the spot, serums and cleansers with textures I'd not seen. Not only was I convinced I'd arrived on my Beauty planet Asia, a destination that is so advanced in skincare, it was also apparent that Koreans know beauty and we have a lot to learn!

Katalin, one of the two creators of Erborain ‎personally showed me some of the range and even her desert island must-have, BB Flash Essence.   I was a little sceptical on hearing the CC Creme worked for caucasian to very dark skins.  Hmm, it's hard enough finding a sun lotion that doesn't appear ghostly on mid to dark complexions but I placed a dot of CC onto the back of my hand that Katalin had confidently handed to me in its silver tube with a smile, then smoothed the white cream, yes, it squeezes out white and dense, much like a high factor sun cream.  As I massaged the cream into my skin I watched it blend and become seamless in developing to flawless soft-focus skin. I'd found it! Mum, your wishes have come true, all boxes ticked, Erborian CC Creme it is and here's a - the photos tell it all album -  YOU WILL BE AMAZED and the best child a mother could ask for when you start purchasing this brand from two fav beauty portals Selfridges and Space NK

Instant skin gratification Erborain CC Creme

Bright white formula

Cleverly changing colour

Smoothed and seamless

 Have you discovered Erborian yet?

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