Monday, 10 December 2012

Winter Skin: I do Udo, do you?

If you want good skin and health then basically you have to work at it.  It doesn't come from nowhere, takes a little planning and time but you will see results.  Every winter I dread the cold, dread trying to avoid getting a cold and dread trying to shake it off as quickly as possible although I do my best to prepare my body with sufficient supplements.  The same goes for my skin and that feeling its had the life sucked out if it as I go from my warm, cosy home out into the cold, then back to central heating to then find the most steadfast moisturisers on the market.  But what if I also focused on my diet, would that hydrate my skin even better?

I have a good diet, I have to, I've too many auto-immune 'this and that' conditions I simply have no choice if I want to feel well and active though I am always on the search for more ways to help myself and skin so since introducing Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend as a daily ingredient my skin feels plump, radiant and has its lustre back!

You might think, it will make you fat...don't be silly now its all about balance plus we need good oils and less of the bad ones in our diet to assist our hearts, brain function, weight and of course our skin.  With it's blend of oils from flax seed, sunflower seed, coconut, evening primrose etc it primes our body with essential fatty acids, yes, those fatty acids like Omega 3, 6 and 9, they aren't called essential for nothing!

Back to skin...For the past few weeks I've been adding Udo's Choice to my daily smoothie and to anything I eat for lunch or dinner, usually soups, or a drizzle onto warm salads or meat/fish dishes with rice, that is all, as simple as that now my skin doesn't feel the desperate need for thick, rich creams constantly and I when I say skin, I mean my entire body, nails and hair too which makes sense as it is proven that for those with skin conditions of the inflammatory sort such as eczema, skin reveals improvement and that all important lustre so I've recommended it to some male friends who don't do 'beauty' but are willing to try this blend of oils to their diets...I shall report back, in the meantime are you willing it a try the Ultimate Oil Blend from Udo's Choice?

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