Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Beauty Alert: Wild About Beauty Mattifying Balm!

I like a glow, I think my blog proves this as I have written endlessly about it but some of us suffer from, let's say 'awkward' skin which shines a lot or appears oily to point of looking as though they have just done several laps in record time. The biggest issue is what to use to blot away shine with a bit of kindness; some anti-shines on the market are harsh and literally block pores without allowing skin to breathe resulting in more oil and often breakouts.  Above, is exquisite beauty, Louise Redknapp's Wild About Beauty Mattifying Balm, a naturally supercharged paraben free formula *ahem* and recently awarded by CEW UK, worn either as a primer or instant de-shine balm.  I've been trying this out on clients with very sensitive skin reluctant to use anything too loaded up with chemicals and its getting great results. Why not give it a try?

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