Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Q The Fine Fragrance Body Spray

Some of you might be a little young to remember the Impulse ads in the 80's, when a beautiful girl would capture the heart of a equally handsome chap just by catching a fragrant whiff of her body spray.  Well, not all of us would fall for that one but I have to say, since I've been wearing The Q Collection in Q: Balance many a friend and stranger have stopped me in my tracks to ask what I'm wearing.  Some of us don't like to share our signature scents with just anyone.  We've all heard the, 'I can't remember what I put on today!' Hmm, I doubt this very much!
I'd like to share that the floral delights of Q: Balance are a concoction of Iris, Mimosa with a generous sniff of Bergamot which balances nicely for me as I am not a 'floral' kinda girl and although I do like to wear a heady perfume daily I've begun to enjoy the lasting, light touch of a body spray which does feel ever so fresh.   It's currently humid central out there and trust me, a spritz of Q works wonders without overpowering those sweating buckets alongside me on the airless tubes and better still they haven't just attended to us ladies but there is a Men's range worthy of an award or two as they smell darn good, possibly having more of a 'Lynx' effect!
Currently available from Boots and Sainsburys at only £2.29,that's a steal (not for the heart but the purse strings.)

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